Save Camp Lula Sams

lulasams4Images for Conservation Fund’s goals have been to actively promote conservation by educating our target markets on the power of photography and the key role a camera can play as a tool for change.

ICF started the Pro-Am Youth tournaments with 4H Clubs as an education tool for students closest to the land.  The goal was to demonstrate photography as a new income source on their land.  However, watching students work with our truly great teaching photographers was a marvel unto itself.

_L6A4794_deanThese Youth tournaments opened our eyes to the potential the camera as a tool for developing a better education system.    ICF is working with two of the best teaching photographers in the nation.  Ruth Hoyt and Karine Ainger have the ability to draw out the curious nature of their students.  Kids who normally don’t want to get up early in the morning are ready a 6:30 AM for their next photography lesson.   These experiences have proven that students who are actively involved using a camera to record their subjects: wildlife, plants, culture, history, architecture, art, etc., are much more motivated to produce a quality assignment.

lulasams6 ICF is leading the “Save Camp Lula Sams” Capital Campaign.  Visit the Camp Lula Sams website by clicking here: Camp Lula Sams is on the market and funds must be raised to protect the land.  After that is accomplished, the 85.7 acres is destined to be an outdoor education campus.


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