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Camp Lula Sams Nature Photography Tournament has Started

IMAGES FOR CONSERVATION FUND & VALLEY LAND FUND Invite All Photographers to Enter the Camp Lula Sams Nature Photography Tournament Overview: The Camp Lula Sams Nature Photography Tournament is a fundraising and conservation event created by Images for Conservation Fund and Valley Land Fund to communicate the great diversity and majesty of wildlife living on… Read more »


Bill Gozansky is now on site at Camp Lula Sams

Professional photographer Bill Gozansky will be on site at Camp Lula Sams to welcome photographers that have registered to photograph at the camp everyday from April 15 through June 15. Click here for more information and to register for the photography contest. For more information on Bill link to his profile page here.


Lula Sams Photo Tournament Private session with Karine Aigner

Karine Aigner, award winning wildlife photographer ( and former picture editor at National Geographic will be on location at Lula Sams from opening day of the Lula Sams Photography Tournament on April 15th for two weeks, through April 28th. Karine is not only a seasoned Texas photo tournament participant photographer, but she also knows what… Read more »


NANPA Features Photography App

News from NANPA Members John Martin and Bill Gozansky: John Martin, chairman of Images for Conservation Fund (ICF), announces the release of the new ICF Photo Guide to Nature & Travel Photography app for the iPad and Android tablets. The Photo Guide app illustrates professional photographic techniques for nature and travel photography. It is an… Read more »


BCIC grant aids preservation goal

BY STEVE CLARK STAFF WRITER The “Campaign to Save Camp Lula Sams” has gotten a boost from the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation in the form of a $5,000 grant to help implement an eco-tourism effort launched by the nonprofit Wildlife Conservation and Education Society of South Texas. The Lula Sams campaign aims to raise $875,000… Read more »


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