1)     How much does the Pro-Am Tournament cost the participant?

The 4 Day/4 Night Pro-Am Tournament cost ranges from $1,560.00 to $1,860.00 per participant, which includes the reservation fee. This does not include lodging, meals (except for two dinners), or transportation to the workshop.


2)    How long does a Pro-Am Tournament last?

Most Pro-Am Tournaments will be 4 Day/4 Night events.

Pro-Am Tournaments usually begin on a Wednesday evening and end on Sunday by 2:00 pm.


The basic calendar of events will look like this:

Day 1 (Wednesday): Arrival and Opening Night Party(dinner provided by landowners) *For a
Pro-Am Us™: all participants from ALL teams attend the same party; no photo shoots
Day 2 (Thursday): Morning shoot; evening shoot

Day 3 (Friday): Morning shoot; evening shoot

Day 4 (Saturday): Morning shoot; evening shoot

Day 5 (Sunday): Morning shoot; Closing Party & Awards’
Ceremony(dinner provided by landowners) *For a Pro-Am Us™: all participants from
ALL teams attend the same party/ceremony

3)    Does ICF provide travel arrangements?

Generally speaking, ICF does not provide travel arrangements, participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging.    However, some of our member ranches are already set-up to provide lodging and meals and ICF can help to arrange that at an additional cost.  Also, all of the ranches selected for the 2013 Pro-Am schedule of events are only a short drive from local hotels and ICF can direct you to those hotels. ICF has been able to get special rates for our participants at some hotels, please check with us for availability.

4)    Where do participants stay during Pro-Am Tournaments?

Since food and lodging are not included in the price of a Pro-Am Tournament, Images for Conservation cannot require participants to lodge at a particular location.  However, we strongly encourage participants to stay at the same location as the Coach to make their experience richer (and to make coordination easier).

CD06-003We recommend staying with landowners when they offer lodging at reasonable prices as this creates the best situation for everyone concerned. (Landowners that provide lodging are aware that you will need Internet access.)

5)    What do participants win from Pro-Am Tournaments?

Pro-Am Tournaments aren’t high-stakes photo competitions – we leave that to the Pro-Tour of Nature Photography!

Instead, to keep the emphasis on what can be gained from the experience, prizes are nominal and are intended to encourage learning by building a competitive environment.

Fun, new experiences and the sort of learning that comes from a cooperative competitive environment – not monetary gains – are at the heart of our Pro-Am Tournaments.

Our Coaches will keep participants focused on the fun and learning, reminding them not take the competitive element too seriously.

6)    How are participants assigned to teams in a Pro-Am Tournament?

Since this isn’t a serious competition the assignment of Coaches will be very casual – especially when compared to our Pro-Tour! Ideally, landowners and Coaches who already have great relationships will work together whenever possible.

We can’t promise that, of course, but we’ll do our best to make it happen as that makes the best Pro-Am’s for everyone.  Otherwise, we’ll match Coaches and landowners according to personality styles and schedule availability.  We want the most beneficial situations for all parties involved.

7)    In the case of a Pro-Am Us™, where there are two or more locations, how are participants assigned?

In the case of a Pro-Am Us™, where more than one location is involved, when a participant registers we will place him/her with whichever landowner is “up next.” The idea is to allocate participants so that all landowners involved in a Pro-Am Us™ have equal numbers of participants (or as close to equal as possible).

However, if the participant specifically requests a particular Coach or landowner, we will honor that request.

Participants will not be able to change Coaches or locations after they register for a date without paying an extra fee. Thus, it is important that they indicate AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION if you are their preferred Coach.

8) What is the role of your Coach in a Pro-Am Tournament?

The role of your Coach is to:

  1. Organize your team so that everyone has fun.
  2. Plans the four days of shooting so that you learn more about your equipment, the subjects you are shooting and new techniques that will make you a better wildlife photographer.
  3. Help you select your submission each evening.
  4. Review each image daily with you after the judges have scored all images submitted and returned them to ICF.

9)    Is a Pro-Am Tournament only open to amateurs?

No.  Anyone who owns a digital SLR camera – of any quality and with any level of expertise – can benefit from the combined workshop and competitive experience of a Pro-Am Tournament.

A Pro-Am Tournament is open to both pros and amateurs alike.

10)  Where does Images for Conservation get its Pro-Am Coaches?

Currently, we are offering our former Pro-Tour of Nature Photography participants the opportunity to work with us as Pro-Am Coaches.  We know these photographers are high-caliber pros who have the reputations to represent our landowners and our organization well.  We may also work with other recognized workshop leaders and respected pros when it will provide participants with an enhanced Pro-Am experience.

11) How do I sign up?

Registration is fast and simple at our website.  You can sign up and reserve your spot by selecting one of the Pro-Am events here.  Payment of 50% is due at registration, and your fees must be paid in full 120 days prior to your Pro-Am event.

12) What if I need to cancel my trip?

ICF’s goal is to conserve natural habitat and wildlife by growing the industry of wildlife photography, so we will deal with any cancellations on a case-by-case basis and do our best to satisfy everyone affected by the cancellation.  Absent the ability to do so, our cancellation policy will be: all deposits (50% of the trip total) will be non-refundable within 120 days of the trip; Trip fees (100%) will be non-refundable within 90 days of the trip.

13) Who owns the images from the Pro-Am?

Your images are your property; ICF reserves the right to use submitted images for the promotion of future Pro-Am events, including but not limited to collateral, exhibits, publications, books and screen savers.  With your permission we will act for you on any inquiries to purchase prints.  ICF generally splits the net proceeds with the photographer equally.

14) Where will Images for Conservation be holding Pro-Am Tournaments in 2013?

ICF will hold a Pro-Am Tournament in each of the three regions represented by a Pro-Tour of Nature Photography:  the Hill Country, the Coastal Bend, and the Borderlands of Laredo Texas.

In addition, we’ve added the Lower Rio Grande Valley Region so that in 2013 we will offer Pro-Am Tournaments in four regions in Texas.

As landowners in these regions already know, each of these areas has something extraordinary to offer!



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