20 Photographers + 20 Ranchers = Astonishing Wildlife Images

The Pro-Tour selects 20 landowners from applicants representing a pre-selected multi-county area. The ranches are randomly matched with 20 international professional nature photographers for an intensive world-class tournament that takes place over a 1-month period.

Through a carefully orchestrated process of deliberation that takes place at the completion of the competition, the elite judging panel then select winners for the corresponding years Pro-Tour. Images for Conservation thanks those who contribute to the success  of our vision for wildlife conservation and land preservation through nature photography.

Images for Conservation’s goal is to create sustainable development of rural economies through the creation and prosperity of the Private Lands Nature Photo-Tourism Industry. Nature Photography has the unique ability to preserve habitat permanently by making it profitable.

Today, Americans overtly acknowledge the call of the wild by nearly a billion visits each year to national parks, state parks and recreation areas… 46 million birdwatchers come to parks and wildlands with binoculars, 28 million hikers explore trails, 46 million anglers cast a line, 17 million hunters prowl for game, and 18 million try to capture the essence of the wild through photography….all will admit they feel more alive out in the quickened air and raw energy of the outdoors. (Eugene Linden: noted author and environmental writer).


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