2006 Photographers

The wildlife, plant and landscape images from the 2006 Pro-Tour represent the work of 17 of the world’s finest nature photographers and were taken over the course of 30 intense, sweaty and challenging 18-hour days. This beautiful photography represents long hours of careful stalking, patient observation and painstaking camera work and editing. Photographers settled into position well before dawn and again in in the late afternoon to capture their subjects with the best possible lighting. A hot, unusually dry spring made photographing naturally shy, nocturnal mammals even more challenging than usual. ICF is grateful for the commitment of the 2006 Pro-Tour particpanting photographers and landowners.

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All images are copyright protected in the names of the individual photographers.

Jeremy Woodhouse

http://www.pixelchrome.com “Citizen of the world” comes to mind when one hears the name Jeremy Woodhouse. His birth in Nigeria, rearing in Pakistan and Argentina, followed by a stint as a graphic designer in South Africa and the United Kingdom before his incarnation into a full-time professional photographer based in the United States give this unique… Read more »

Dave Welling

wellingphoto@aol.com After two decades as a professional wildlife photographer, Dave admits his most memorable assignment was photographing the mountain gorillas living in the Virungas National Forest, Zaire, Africa. He recalls, “Being in close proximity to these magnificent creatures was simply incredible – made more so by the knowledge that their very existence is tenuous. As if… Read more »

Gary Vestal

Gary has been photographing nature for three decades. From the beginning the assignments he is most passionate about are the ones where subjects are explored intensely over multi-year periods. His subject matter can be as varied as documenting (up close) the fascinating life cycles of monarch and swallowtail butterflies to challenging charging tigers in the… Read more »

Florian Schulz

http://visionsofthewild.com From his first snapshots of small backyard lizards (taken with a used Praktika camera at age 12) to his dramatic images of a charging Black Rhino in Southern Africa (where he barely escaped with his life) and beyond, Florian’s passion for wildlife photography remains a lifelong focus. This passion grew out of the talented shooter’s… Read more »


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