2006 Ranch Landowners

Conservation is not possible without the contributions of Texas landowners, who have chosen to keep their land serene and full of beautiful wildlife. Below you will find the 17 Ranches that participated in the 2006 Pro-Tour: Texas Hill CountryICF salutes these pioneering landowners, who believed in the Images for Conservation vision of wildlife preservation through economics and nature photography, and stepped forth to help make that vision a reality.

Stowers Ranch Company

http://www.stowersranch.com Teamed with Wolfgang Kaehler *ICF Charter Member Ranch: Texas Hill Country Nature Photography Alliance Goerge Arthur Stowers, the founder of Stowers Furniture Company headquartered in San Antonio, established Stowers Ranch in 1904 as a cattle ranch, game management area and hunting preserve. The property is now owned by his grandson and great-grandchildren and offers hunting for… Read more »

Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve

Teamed with Jeremy Woodhouse Inspired by Louis Broomfield’s Pleasant Valley, the restoration story of worn-out abandoned farms in his native Ohio, entrepreneur J. David Banberger set out in 1969 to purchase the worst piece of property he could find… in Blanco County – over-grazed, juniper-choked acreage which was devoid of water. Massive Ashe Juniper clearing, grass seeding… Read more »

Rosetta Ranch

Teamed with John Hendrickson Stewardship for their 540-acre Rosetta Ranch fills singer, songwriter Robert Earl Keen and his family with the excitement of transformation and discovery. Located in Bandera County near Medina, Texas, the property was formerly a horse ranch that had been leased for cattle grazing. Conversion to a wildlife valuation and appropriate management strategies… Read more »

Red Corral Ranch

Teamed with Michael Francis Deeply engrained farming and ranching roots guide stewardship and management of Red Corral Ranch, located in Hays County near Wimberley, Texas. Inspired by the concept of Holistic Resource Management – that all systems are part of a whole and all wholes are part of an even larger system – the family focuses… Read more »


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