2008 Pro-Tour

Illg_RedCreek_grasshopper.previewThe Pro-Tour of Nature Photography is a series of professional tournaments, each one limited to a particular geographic region, designed to initiate and support a developing nature photo-tourism industry.  Known for its natural beauty and bountiful wildlife, the Texas Coastal Bend was selected to host the second Pro-Tour of Nature Photography.

FORMULA FOR CONSERVATION: Capitalism and Conservation20 Photographers + 20 Ranchers = Astonishing Wildlife Images

The Pro-Tour invites 20 landowners from applicants representing a region with similar biodiversity and 20 professional nature photographers to participate in the Pro-Tour of Nature Photography. The landowners are randomly matched with photographers for an intensive 30 day tournament.  April 1, 2008 to April 30, 2008 are the selected dates fot this competition.

ICF’s goal is to use the media and educational dynamics of aprofessional photographic tournament to create a new industry for conservation. The private lands nature photo tourism industry will create sustainable development of rural economies. The new industry will be promoted by the Pro-Tour educating landowners and the public about the exciting photographic opportunities on private lands. Nature Photography has the unique ability to preserve habitat permanently by making it profitable.


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