2008 Photographers

Nuss_Estrel_squirrelEach of the selected photographers is a full-time professional nature photographer and each has an established record of creating world-class images. A number of the 2008 photographers participated in the 2006 Pro-Tour and are returning for a second round. Others are new to the Pro-Tour. All are avid supporters of wildlife and nature conservation. The Coastal Bend of Texas ranches will offer an exciting venue for fabulous images.


The outstanding group of international photographers that were selected for the 2008 Pro-Tour of Nature Photography, Coastal Bend of Texas are as follows:


* All images are copyright protected in the names of the individual photographers.

Leo Keeler

http://www.akwildlife.com While a youngster in Southeast Arizona, Leo developed a love for the outdoors and all things wild. The pleasure he took in hunting, fishing and observing nature as a youth continued into his adult life. As an outdoorsman, Leo was often presented with opportunities and experiences within the natural world that he knew others… Read more »

John Hendrickson

http://www.johnhendricksonphoto.com Always a lover of the outdoors, John started photographing raptors at age 17. Fortunately, for those of us who enjoy wildlife photography, those early efforts garnered the attention of others who encouraged the young naturalist to keep shooting. And keep shooting he did, selling his first images while in college. By age 25 his work… Read more »

Derrick Hamrick

Derrick Hamrick grew up in Raleigh, NC and currently lives 10 miles from his birth place.  In the beginning he was an avid bird watcher and regularly impressed the older members with his skills and patience. During his 25th year, he purchased a camera and a couple of lenses, which latter proved to be the foundation… Read more »

Joshua Anderson

On the ICF tour- “I can not think of a better way to bring awareness to preservation than what is being done by Images for Conservation.  I am honored to be apart of the life-changing commitment.” – Joshua Anderson   Josh Anderson’s interest in photography first started in the mid-nineties while attending Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  He learned the… Read more »


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