2010 Pro-Tour Teams

After a tremendous weekend full of events Images for Conservation proudly announced the results for all participating in the month-long 2010 Pro-Tour of Nature Photography competitions.  The Landowner/Photographer teams are as follows:

Oro Blanco Ranch ~ Juan Escamilla                 Joy D. Barnes ~ Santa Barbara, CA

Shape Ranch ~ Hugh & Sarah Fitzsimons                  Todd Steele ~ Katy, TX

Espejo Ranch ~ Tom & Diane Gates                       Marco de Paauw ~ Netherlands

Pozo Bueno ~ Nancy & Bill Maloy                  Laura Crawford Williams ~ Martin, SD

Violeta Ranch ~ Eddie Garza                                               Cyril Ruoso ~ France

Rancho Ramirez “El Veleno” ~ Renato Ramirez              Dale Franz ~ Cody, WY

Los  Lazos ~ Nick Benavides                         Rolf Nussbaumer ~ New Braunfels, TX

Los Novios ~ George & Claire Vaughan                   Bill Gozansky ~ Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Callaghan Ranch ~ Ana Maria Finley                       Dennis Fast ~ Manitoba, Canada

Santa Margarita Ranch ~ Don & Margaret Collis  Claudio Contreras Koob ~ Mexico

Varal Ranches, Ltd ~ Letty Volpe                                   David Bechtol ~ Canyon, TX

Legal Eagle Ranches Inc. ~ Earl M. Herring                         Cathy Illg ~ Lakewood, CO

Jones Family Ranch ~ A.C. Jones, IV                                  Al Perry ~ Evansville, IN

El Pescadito ~ Jesus H. Martinez                                        Frank Zurey ~ Golden, CO

Cotulla Ranch ~ Jeremy & Melissa Peters                       Katherine Brown ~ Kinder, LA

Temple Ranch ~ Buddy & Ellen Temple                           Tom Ulrich ~ West Glacier, MT

Rancho Salteador ~ Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust                   Jeff Parker ~ Smithville, TX

Burns Ranch ~ Michele Cadwallader          Scott Linstead ~ Quebec, Canada

La Mesa ~ Fasken Oil & Ranch                                         John Pickles ~ Barataria, LA

San Pablito ~ Jim & Ann Gibbs                                        Jasper Doest ~ Netherlands


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