2010 Photographers

Ulri_05_01Each of the selected photographers is a full-time professional nature photographer and each has an established record of creating world-class images. A number of the 2008 and 2006 Pro-Tour photographers are returning for the 2010 Pro-tour. Others are new to the Pro-Tour. All are avid supporters of wildlife and nature conservation. The Borderlands Laredo, Texas area ranches will offer an exciting venue for fabulous images.


The outstanding group of international photographers that have been selected for the 2010 Pro-Tour of Nature Photography, Borderlands Laredo, Texas are as follows: 


* All images are copyright protected in the names of the individual photographers.

Frank Zurey

http://www.zureyphoto.com Frank loves being in the natural places that he photographs and does not want to leave at the end of a photo session.  He is drawn to the images that he photographs by the light, the color, the patterns, the feelings expressed by the environment.  He uses photography to share these visions in nature…. Read more »

Marco de Paauw

http://www.wildlifeimages.nl The Netherlands’ Marco de Paauw joins us this year for the 2010 Pro-Tour of Nature Photography. Nature Photographer Marco de Paauw Earlier this year put its product on the market. Nature Images that are taken over the world are now used to decorate your home, business or your garden.

David Bechtol

http://www.davidtbechtol.com “From the beginning of my veterinary career, with opportunities such as Krueger National Park and contests such as Coastal Bend and Valley Land Fund, my photography begins and ends with the support of conservation for our land and wildlife.” ~ David T. Bechtol, D.V.M. David T. Bechtol, D.V.M. is graduate of Texas A &… Read more »

Dennis Fast

http://www.dennisfast.com Dennis’s philosophy about nature photography can be summed up with the words: “Beauty is everywhere, but it begins first of all in the heart”. His passion for nature, and his desire to encourage respect for it, has led him to participate in the ICF Pro-Tour. After retiring from education, Dennis Fast has become one… Read more »


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