2010 Photographers

Ulri_05_01Each of the selected photographers is a full-time professional nature photographer and each has an established record of creating world-class images. A number of the 2008 and 2006 Pro-Tour photographers are returning for the 2010 Pro-tour. Others are new to the Pro-Tour. All are avid supporters of wildlife and nature conservation. The Borderlands Laredo, Texas area ranches will offer an exciting venue for fabulous images.


The outstanding group of international photographers that have been selected for the 2010 Pro-Tour of Nature Photography, Borderlands Laredo, Texas are as follows: 


* All images are copyright protected in the names of the individual photographers.

Rolf Nussbaumer

http://www.rolfnussbaumer.com In his native Switzerland, Rolf spent his early adult years making furniture, teaching others the joys of birding and, as a hobbyist, shooting pictures. It wasn’t long however before his hobby, coupled with his love of the outdoors, became an obsession-and then, his profession. After marriage and a move to Texas, Rolf made the… Read more »

John Pickles

http://www.voyagerphotography.com John has been a full time wildlife photographer since 1998.  His earliest memory of photography was at the age of 12 when he got a brownie camera and a darkroom kit for making black and white contact prints.  His interest in photography continued through the years, interrupted by the demands of another career and many other events that cause… Read more »

Laura Crawford Williams

http://www.lauracwilliams.com                                       Laura earned her master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in biomedical and surgical illustration. In May of 2000, she began the transition from software producer to wildlife photographer. Her career experience before photography includes working as a biomedical illustrator, animator, and later project manager for a company specializing educational software… Read more »

Jeff Parker

http://www.jeffparkerimages.com Jeff has always been mesmerized by the natural world and uses his lens to “capture the diversity and intricacy of it all.” An award-winning photographer, Jeff credits nature photography with bringing a deeper awareness to issues of conservation and insists that “it’s especially important here in Texas where 97% of the state is privately… Read more »


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