2010 Ranch Landowners

Conservation is not possible without the contributions of the landowners who have chosen to keep their land serene and full of beautiful wildlife. Each ranch entry represents the committment of minimum of 1,000 acres, housing for the partner photographer and his/her field assistant and advisory/photoblind support for the month long duration of the tournament.

The participating Ranches and landowners for the 2010 Pro-Tour, Laredo & the Borderlands Texas are as follows:

  • Oro Blanco Ranch ~ Juan Escamilla
  • Shape Ranch ~ Hugh & Sarah Fitzsimons
  • Espejo Ranch ~ Tom & Diane Gates
  • Pozo Bueno ~ Nancy & Bill Maloy
  • Violeta Ranch ~ Eddie Garza
  • Rancho Ramirez “El Veleno” ~ Renato Ramirez
  • Los Novios ~ George & Claire Vaughan
  • Callaghan Ranch ~ Ana Maria Finley
  • Santa Margarita Ranch ~ Don & Margaret Collis
  • Varal Ranches, Ltd ~ Letty Volpe
  • Legal Eagle Ranches Inc. ~ Earl M. Herring
  • Jones Family Ranch ~ A.C. Jones, IV
  • El Pescadito ~ Jesus H. Martinez
  • Cotulla Ranch ~ Jeremy & Melissa Peters
  • Los Lazos ~ Nick Benavides
  • Temple Ranch ~ Buddy & Ellen Temple
  • Rancho Salteador ~ Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust
  • Burns Ranch ~ Michele Cadwallader
  • San Pablito ~ Jim and Ann Gibbs (Mr./Mrs. James R. Gibbs)
  • La Mesa ~ Frasken Oil & Ranch

Santa Margarita Ranch

Nature and photography tours have been a growing interest at Santa Margarita Ranch and we are happy to say we now provide this opportunity for our guests. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher working on a life list, a photographer looking for that single portfolio image, or anyone looking for a breath of fresh air,… Read more »


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