Al Perry


Al started snapping, developing and printing his own pictures as a young GI in the United States Army. After leaving the service, his camera remained an important part of his life. Pursuing a variety of opportunities over the next 27 years, the Mid-Westerner eventually established himself as a successful shooter specializing in weddings and social events. Always drawn to the outdoors however (Al grew up on the family farm), the working photographer finally traded I do’s and wingdings for wildlife in 1998.

One of the award-winning shooter’s favorite assignments was as a participating photographer in a British Broadcasting Corporation documentary on sandhill and whooping cranes. Seeking a unique perspective, Al took wing with the big birds in his camera-equipped ultralight airplane. The dramatic and technically challenging footage generated on those flights continues to enjoy international exposure

The respected photographer’s images have been used by such organizations as the National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Foundation, the International Crane Foundation and the Nebraska Bird Observatory.

And just what does it take to produce a great nature photo? Al responds, “The best require a photographer who starts with an appreciation of nature then is able to create an image that is technically accurate, artistically pleasing and, most importantly, inspiring to the viewer.”

On the ICF philosophy:
“The ICF competition fosters greater appreciation (by land owners) for the natural wonders that exist beyond the day to day activities of operating a ranch.”

Evansville, Indiana
2006 Pro-Tour, Teamed with the Annandale Ranch – Concan, Texas


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