Dennis Fast


Dennis’s philosophy about nature photography can be summed up with the words: “Beauty is everywhere, but it begins first of all in the heart”. His passion for nature, and his desire to encourage respect for it, has led him to participate in the ICF Pro-Tour.

After retiring from education, Dennis Fast has become one of Manitoba’s best known wildlife photographers. His photographs have appeared in many calendars and books, including “Wapusk: White Bear of the North,” the first book to feature his work exclusively.

Dennis’s photography has recently been featured in “Outdoor Photography Canada” and in the former Michigan publication “Whisper in the Woods”.

The CBC followed him on a sunset photo shoot in 2007 as part of their search for the Seven Wonders of Canada. The feature coincided with the release of his latest book, commissioned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, on Manitoba’s endangered tall grass prairie, “The Land Where the Sky Begins.”

He has also been appointed to a 2 year honorary position by the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts as an “Outstanding Photographer” from the prairies.

Most recently, the 2010 Manitoba Public Insurance calendar titled, “Titans of the Tundra” features his images of polar bears.

Dennis has made presentations across Canada and into the USA, including a special showing for then Premier Gary Doer and the Ambassador to Canada from the USA while at Churchill.

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