Frank Zurey


Frank loves being in the natural places that he photographs and does not want to leave at the end of a photo session.  He is drawn to the images that he photographs by the light, the color, the patterns, the feelings expressed by the environment.  He uses photography to share these visions in nature.

Frank Zurey embarked on a career in nature photography in 1999.  He has been interested in photography for most of his life.  However, a pursuit of an engineering education and career left little time for photography.  He photographs all subjects that he finds in nature: from flowers to wildlife to landscapes.  He frequents the National Park locations and particularly enjoys photographing in Alaska.

Frank lives with his wife, Sherry, in the Colorado Mountains, at 8600-feet elevation, on the summit of a small mountain that has been called Mt. Zurey by their friends.  They have wildlife and the natural environment as constant companions.


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