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 Images for Conservation Fund Photo Guide Series:
Nature & Travel Photography App

The Images for Conservation Fund Photo Guide to Nature & Travel Photography is an interactive app for Apple iPad™ and Android tablets that illustrates professional photographic techniques for nature and travel photography. This intuitive, user-friendly guide contains rich photographic content, technical image data, and descriptive field notes which will help you discover new photographic techniques and composition ideas. Created by Bill Gozansky, a professional travel and nature photographer, it’s geared to beginning and intermediate DSLR photographers looking to enhance their creative vision and learn new techniques in area of nature and travel photography.

• Photographer’s Field Notes containing behind the scenes commentary that explains the photographer’s thought process during image capture, composition analysis, photo tips, helpful hints, and more

• Image technical data, such as a histogram display, a Rule of Thirds overlay, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
• Discussion of professional photo techniques, including Utilizing Strong Foreground Elements, Vanishing Point   Techniques, Negative Space, Capturing Behavior | Action, Rule of Thirds, Motion Blur, Sunrise |Sunset Techniques, and many more
• Interactive Photo Guide that can be sorted by Photo Technique, Subject, or Location (as well as any combination of these categories), which allows for quick access of specific technical information and composition ideas
• Introduction to Professional Photographic Workflow, where Bill Gozansky shares his thought process and workflow for image capture in the field
• A design suited for beginning and intermediate DSLR photographers looking to enhance their creative vision and learn new techniques in nature and travel photography, although anyone with a camera will find plenty of great composition ideas and helpful hints
• “My Gallery” feature that allows you to upload your images and personalized field notes to create your own interactive photography guide/journal
• A true “field guide” since the App does not require internet connectivity to run after initial download, which makes it a great resource in the field or while traveling
• Created in partnership with the Images for Conservation Fund (ICF) with a portion of sales supporting the mission of ICF
• A great educational and reference tool for those looking to explore the world of nature and travel photography

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To read more about the creator, Bill Gozansky, visit his website at www.billgozansky.com


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ICF Photo Guide App