John Hendrickson


Always a lover of the outdoors, John started photographing raptors at age 17. Fortunately, for those of us who enjoy wildlife photography, those early efforts garnered the attention of others who encouraged the young naturalist to keep shooting. And keep shooting he did, selling his first images while in college. By age 25 his work was published on the prestigious pages of National Geographic magazine. Today, the degreed field biologist and environmental educator’s award winning photography continues to be exhibited in major American museums and is featured on the covers and pages of some of the nation’s most respected magazines.

Honing his skills over the years and noted by his peers as technically adept, John is particularly lauded for the time he is willing to devote to achieve a superior result. With incredible patience and commitment, the artist freely admits he may “spend days working on a single photograph. But for a great shot, it’s worth it.”

When asked what he is trying to accomplish through his work, John responds, “I try to create something wonderful to experience but, most importantly, I hope my photographs will remind us of the living beauty that’s all around. Perhaps then we will be motivated to preserve our environment.”

On the ICF philosophy: “I believe in it 100 percent. It is this philosophy that attracted me to the competition in the first place.”

Clipper Mills, California

2006 Pro-Tour, Teamed with the Rosetta Ranch – Bandera, Texas

3rd Grand Prize Winner, 2008 Pro-Tour Teamed with Rob & Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation


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