Michael Francis


A seasonal job at Yellowstone National Park 30 years ago was all it took to get Michael hooked on wildlife photography. The awe-inspiring animals the young employee encountered within the park led to his purchase of a 35 mm camera and the creation of his first images of nature. Today, the gifted photographer’s works illustrate more than 25 books and grace the pages of such prestigious publications as Field & Stream, Outdoor Life,AudubonTime and National Wildlife. The working professional is an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association and served as its president in 2003.

Perhaps influenced by his tenure at Yellowstone, Michael’s preferred photographic subjects today continue to be the continent’s larger species. Although he is extremely competent with any outdoor assignment, he readily admits a bias towards “North American big game, including all species of deer, bears and canids.”

Michael confesses, he never knows when a special shot will happen but he contends a good photographer can up the odds by knowing the subject matter and placing oneself, “in the right place at the right time.” He firmly believes, “It isn’t just luck. You make your own just by being out in the field.”

On the ICF philosophy:
“A great concept. When landowners discover that even the most despised animals (coyotes, snakes and scorpions) are worth money to photographers, they will be more conscious of protecting the ecosystems on their properties.”

Billings, Montana

2006 Pro-Tour, Teamed with the Red Corral Ranch – Wimberley, Texas


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