Mike Sloat


As a decorated 36-year career military pilot, current FAA safety specialist and avid motorcyclist Mike wouldn’t seem to fit your stereotypical profile of an acclaimed wildlife photographer – but he is.Since age 15, the year he started flying, Mike would pack an old Kodak box camera and snap black and whites of any and all things he came across, whether airborne or on the ground. Over the years, he has continued to hone his photographic skills (along with upgrading his equipment). Today, he is recognized as one of Texas’ premier shooters.

Mike’s work has been featured in such notable publications as Texas Highways, Nature Photography, Texas Parks and Wildlife and Travel Host magazine. He often Journeys out of state to locations in Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico to capture his images and prides himself on the fact that “all of the animals featured (in his photos) are wild, in natural settings, and not tamed, on leash or from game farms.”

And how does Mike define photographic success? With thought he responds, “A great picture will capture the eyes of the viewers and take them to places they have been or wish they could go. It will make them feel the warmth of the sun, smell the salt spray blowing off an ocean wave or hear the call of the eagle soaring above.”

On the ICF philosophy:
“I wish there was a way to encourage all private landowners to truly appreciate and protect what they have. Maybe, just maybe, (the ICF’s mission) is one way of doing this.”

Fort Worth, Texas

2006 Pro-Tour, Teamed with the Northrup Pipe Creek Ranch

2008 Pro-Tour, Teamed with the Borchers Ranches


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