Todd Steele


Todd J. Steele started his love for the outdoors and photography as a young boy in the Amish farmlands of Pennsylvania.  Taking pictures of the many fish he would catch and wildlife he sought out.

Todd studied photography in college while attaining a Biology degree from Millersville University located near the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. While living and fishing on the Susquehanna River his curiosity of where fish lived got the better of him. The popular show Sea Hunt inspired him to take scuba lessons back in the early 1970’s in order to figure out where the fish lived in the various streams and rivers in the area. Starting with Nikonos II and Rollei 35 cameras his passion for photography would be ignited.

After graduation from college, Todd decided to make a career working submerged and moved on to California to train as a Commercial Diver. Todd ended up on the Texas Gulf Coast, hardhat diving for oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. For ten years Todd got to work and play in a giant fish bowl to depths of 400-ft. He specialized in underwater photography during his tenure as a commercial diver.

In addition to diving, Todd has spent the last twenty years developing habitat on large tracts of land for migrating waterfowl that winter on the Texas coast. Currently he manages 15,000 acres of waterfowl habitat in Jackson and Matagorda Counties. Todd also worked as a project manager in the Gulf of Mexico decommissioning old oilrigs and converting many into artificial reefs along both Texas and Louisiana.

Currently Todd is developing a career as a wildlife photographer.  Todd has enjoyed calling Texas home for the past twenty-five plus years with his wife, Nancy, and their two boys, Hunter and Forrest, all avid photographers.


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