Tom Ulrich


Tom Ulrich’s career as a professional photographer evolved three decades ago from his earlier occupation as the high school biology teacher. His first photographic efforts were used as visuals to support his classes’ curricula. It wasn’t long however before Tom’s avocation as wildlife photographer grew into the permanent and successful vocation he is respected for today.

With more than 350,000 images in his ever-growing portfolio, Tom’s works regularly show up on the pages of such prestigious publications as National GeographicLife,Audubon and National Wildlife. He has also found the time to publish seven nature books of his own including Mammals of the Canadian RockiesOnce Upon a FramePhoto Pantanal and Mt. Reynolds: The Story. Tom, still the teacher, also enjoys leading groups on photographic tours across the globe and conducting seminars and workshops at prominent United States universities.

From his first place ranking in a 1987 British Broadcasting Corporation photography competition to the receipt of the recent 2005 North American Nature Photography Association’s Fellow Award, Tom’s photographs continue to be recognized as those of a gifted professional. “The awards are nice,” Tom admits, “but when someone sees one of my images then says ‘Wow, how did you do that?’ I know I did my job.”

On the ICF philosophy: “I feel the ICF philosophy is great, but will it work? I’m hoping it will.”

West Glacier, Montana
2006 Pro-Tour, Teamed with Peaceful Springs Nature Preserve – Burnet County, Texas


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