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NWXHCImages for Conservation Fund is constantly working to guarantee a future for wildlife and we need you to join us.  There are several ways you can help:

  1. Join us on Facebook, like our page and recommend us to your friends.
  2. Visit our website regularly and please feel free to email us with your ideas for improving it.
  3. Let your dollars do the talking by choosing one or more of the options below.

I hope that you will do all three of these, but even if you can only do one, your support is appreciated and will make a difference.  All that is necessary for wildlife to vanish from this earth is for those who can do something, to stand by and do nothing.  Please join us today, their future depends on you.


Saving Camp Lula Sams

ICF is leading the “Save Camp Lula Sams” Capital Campaign.  Visit the Camp Lula Sams website by clicking here: Camp Lula Sams is on the market and funds must be raised to protect the land.  After that is accomplished, the 85.7 acres is destined to be an outdoor education campus.  IDEA Public Schools, a free public charter school, will be the owner with Valley Land Fund owing a conservation easement of 75 acres. Visit our partner websites at and

ICF is developing a photography program as a part of the Capital Campaign.  The goal is to train teachers the art of using the camera as an additional teaching tool.  A wildly successful two week pilot project that included 10 teachers, 300 students and presentations to over 12,000 students on 10 IDEA campuses was completed late January, 2015.

For further details on the program and ways you can participate please follow this link to our pages.    Saving Camp Lula Sams


Make a Donation

ICF is a 501c3 and any donation you make to ICF may entitle you to a credit against your tax liability.  There is a cost to everything, and your donation will help us to cover those costs.  We will issue a receipt to you for tax purposes and your information will remain confidential.  Donate now.


Become a Member

ICF offers a variety of memberships for you to choose from.  Each level of membership has its’ own benefits, but they all go to fund our efforts to build a future for wildlife.  Show your commitment and become a member today.  Become a member now.


Purchase the Books

Re-live the richest wildlife photography tournaments in the world by purchasing ICF Pro-Tour books.  These books document ICFs’ Pro-Tour of Nature Photography and each showcases the work of up to 20 different professional photographers on private lands in a distinct region of Texas.  The images cover every imaginable element of the wildlife and native habitat in that region and tell the story of the ranchers, the photographers, and the struggle get those images in just 30 days while competing for up to $180,000.00.  Our supply of these books is limited.  Buy yours today while they are still available.  Purchase books now.


ICF Pro-Am series

Spend time behind the lens on private lands improving your craft with a professional coach while saving wildlife.  Every ICF Pro-Am is held on private lands professionally set-up for wildlife photography and led by a professional coach who can take your photography to the next level.  These 4-day 5-night events include a small scale competition judged by high-profile photo editors who review and score your images.  Those scores determine who wins the prizes and the whole thing adds to the fun and the learning.  Our Pro-Am series is your most direct means of giving wildlife the economic value that holds their future.


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